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Need help stocking tank!!!!

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I have a 10 gal heavily planted freshwater tank. I have 3 neon tetras a Killifish and a pygmy cory. My killifish has started chasing and attempting to breed with my tetras even though it is supposed to be a non aggressive species of killi. im worried this may stess out my neons & maybe even kill them. ( its hard to see in the pics but he is blue & red speckled) Is there any other one fish I could replace him with? preferably staying around 2 inches in length and somewhat pretty.


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a betta might actually work better in that situation. although some bettas can be aggressive to other fish. that's why it's hard to say. you could just do the tetras and cories and have a pretty tank.

i'd also say get more tetras, and more pygmy cories. they're schooling fish and do better in groups.
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