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Someone I know is selling Black 55 gallon octogonal aquarium with stand, heater, filter, gravel , sunken ship made as decor for a bottom, another decor, alot of plastic weed decor, etc..
Is 150 a good deal for something like this? I called a store and they told me they don't make hex or oct tanks in 55 gallon size, is that true?

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If you don't have major changes to be made that's a killer deal.

Pricing it out

Aquarium + stand + light kit $320
Gravel $55
Filter $35
Heater $30ish
Decorations depends on whats in there and I can't price it but if I had to hazard a guess I'd say between $25 and $100.

$555-$630 worth of stuff for $150? Yeah, that's a pretty good deal.

Does it come with fish? Even more so.

Also, if the filter media has an active bacterial culture already present it will save you about 6 weeks of waiting for the tank to cycle. Put your own price on that amount of time. If its been sitting there empty then not so much, but its an extra consideration in your favor if its been in use.
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