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need advice!! something sliding around my tank...

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Quite a number of white translucent slug like creatures sliding around my fish tank. Initially the tank only had 2 gold fish, months later I bought another 1 and the 'slugs' appeared about a month or 2 after the 3rd fish was added.


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I was looking around and found that these might be planaria worms. This page will explain them and also provides examples on how to do away with them.

Planaria Worms - Tiny Wiggly White Worms in Aquarium.

After a little more research, it could be a any of the following, though perhaps not the hydra

What are all of these tiny white worms swimming in my tank?

I hope these help.

EDIT: Sorry, was writing this post while others were posting. Day late and a dollar short it seems haha.
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