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Need advice for low tech tank set up

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What's up everyone! I am new to this hobby and would like some advice on how to keep a planted tank.I know there's a lot of information online but I am the type of person that needs a liittle bit more help. I have a 20g high tank 24"x12"x16" that was dirted 6 monts ago with gravel and 2 13W 6500K CFL bulbs that are on for 7hrs.I started with a few plants water sprite,rotala,drawf sag,anubias, and java fern.But this past 4 of july I was giving a lot of different plants wich I don't know the names of and I forgott to ask.My first set of plants are growing slowly but surely and the new plants have new growth. Some of the plants leaves have holes on them.I also have 5 zebra danios and 3 ottos. Some algea growing wich I remove manually but keeps coming back.I am not adding any fertilizers of any sorts and do a 30% water change every 2 to 3 weeks. I don't want my plants to grow fast but I do want them to keep growing healthy without holes and green.I want a algea free tank. My tank water levels PH 7.6 Ammonia 0ppm Nitrite 0ppm Nitrate 5.0ppm. My tap water GH is 190ppm. Should I start adding ferts?Do weekly water change? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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looking good :) If you are having problems with algae then there is an imbalance between your nutrients and your lighting. I am still pretty much a beginner with plants but Byron has given me lots of advice that I have taken to heart. I have 6500K f40t10 lighting on my 75 gallon. I keep the lights on 10 hours a day and dose each week with flourish comprehensive. I do not have any problem with algae and my plants are doing much better since I went to this schedule. I suggest asking Byron.
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Thanks NewFishFiend. I also was thinking of using Flourish comprehensive but I want to hear from the experts before I start adding or removing stuff. I will pm Byron
Yes, I would use Flourish Comprehensive Supplement, once per week (on the day following the water change) should be sufficient, but you can do a second 3 days after that depending upon the plants' response. A dose for a 20g would be about 1/2 teaspoon. Make sure it is the Comprehensive, they make several products under the Flourish name.

Water changes should be weekly, about 1/3 to 1/2 the tank volume.

Ill start dosing, but will that get rid of the algae and the holes in the plants? Do you know what type of algae I have? Do the holes mean lack of potassium?
Ill start dosing, but will that get rid of the algae and the holes in the plants? Do you know what type of algae I have? Do the holes mean lack of potassium?
I don't see holes, except on the edge of the sword, and that is something different. Expect the existing leaves of swords to slowly die off as new growth emerges. The Flourish Comprehensive will provide everything the plants need.

On the algae, if the light and nutrients are in balance, this keeps algae at bay. However, different algae behaves differently. Usually too much light, either intensity or duration, not balanced by nutrients. Try the Flourish for a couple weeks with light as is and see what happens. Do you know the type of algae? Some is inevitable.
Thanks Byron for the advice. Ill keep the forum udated with my results.
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