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need a loach to erradicate snails

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My tank has become overrun with snails! The awful little beasties have covered nearly every surface with snail poo that I can't clean fast enough. Here are the specs on the tank:

Size: 55g
Temp: 80*
pH: 6.5
Arrangement: heavily planted with swords, vallisneria, sagittaria, java ferns, wisteria, anubias barteri var. nana, R. rotundifolia, java moss, microsorium, crypts, & Christmas moss. Hope to soon add some hygrophila, perhaps corymbosa or polysperma. Also includes several pieces of driftwood.
Substrate: 50/50 mix of gravel and Fluorite
Inhabitants: 1 large angelfish, 12 black neon tetras, 2 otocinclus catfish, unknown # of cherry shrimp

I've never kept loaches before so I don't know what my options are. All I know is that they are generally very active I will need at least 3 in order for them to be happy. Are there any that stay relatively small? I want to get some more angels and I don't want the poor things to be stressed out by a bunch of big boisterous loaches bouncing around. Also would my precious little cherry shrimp be safe or would they become dinner too?

Thanks :)
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I believe that I can be of some help here with respect to two issues based on experience.

As you obviously researched the literature I am fairly certain that you are aware that the snails were imported via your plants.

"I have been there and done that": you can probably barely see into your tank due to the snails and their egg sacks on the walls of your tank.

I researched the literature and decided to purchase 7 yoyo loaches (one of Blue's options) as my tank is 110G.

I live in a community in West Texas where purchasing fish such as yoyo loaches is not possible and I purchased mine on line approximately 6 months ago.

Mine were very small when I received them.
4 to 6 weeks later I had much larger yoyos and no visible snails.
I have a wet/dry filtration system and even now I find very small snail shells on the mechanical filtration media (best guess is approximately 10/week) even though none can be observed in the tank.

I am also "into angels" and have 7 in my tank ranging in age from 5 months to 7 months and in size from 3 inches to 5 inches.
I have raised these angels from dime size.
I have 7 sterbai also which are somewhat boisterous.
The yoyos and sterbai also play with each other.
I have not observed the yoyos' and sterbai' playing bothering or stressing the angels and, as indicated above, the angels are growing quite well.

One last note:
I researched the literature extensively before I purchased my aquarium.
The literature indicated that a 30" deep tank was preferable to a 24" deep tank in order to raise angels to their full size.

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soco1125 said:
Jones, I assume you were just mentioning sterbai's because of their high activity levels not bothering angels?
I had to look them up because I didn't realize they were cories (haven't kept cories in almost 8 years, perhaps I should again 'cause they're so cute).
Yes I was.

They are also very entertaining.
They are also very, very hardy fish. The 7 juvies which I purchased when I reentered fish keeping 10 months ago have survived all of "my stupid stunts" and all are still alive and growing.

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