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Not sure if I should put this in the sickness area or I'm popping it in here. ^^;

Well, I have a female dark striped purple mystery snail who can't seem to sink. I know it's common for them to blow air into their shells and float around, but she had been floating around for over three weeks. Yes, she is still alive, she tries to climb down walls to get to food, which she can't do because she comes off and floats right back up before she gets half way down. There doesn't seem to be air stuck...But I went to gently push on her door to see if there was air stuck and noticed she can't get it closed all the way, it's like she's too fat to fit in her shell. She cannot fully close her own door.

I have been putting her on top of a breeder to eat, which she does so as if she's starving, which she probably is, but I don't think that's enough for her.

About two weeks ago we had an ammonia spike in our tap water, which we're not supposed to have. Our water is supposed to have none in it, whereas I know some places do. This has since been fixed. I added prime to my tanks to lower it and detoxify the nitrites and nitrates, since then I haven't had any spikes. She was floating before this happened though.

She had also laid eggs, several batches, a couple weeks in a row. I initially had two other mystery snails as well, unfortunately my betta killed them, her mate included, and she is the lone survivor. I moved her to a different tank after that happened. I had no idea betta would, or could do that to adult mystery snails. He had always left my nerite snails alone. She started floating about two or three days after this. I can't see any injuries she may have gotten from the betta. The only thing out of the norm is her inability to sink, and she's too big to close her door. She is otherwise active and tries to get down and eats.

Could any of these be a factor in what's going on? It's obvious she wants to sink, but cannot get down where she wants to be. I currently have her in a net so she isn't blown around by my filter where she can get some to eat. I know it's not enough though, they like to forage and there's only so much I can get to her.

Her diet consists of mostly algae wafers, that's what she flocks to, but she also will nibble on the frozen Emerald Entree food when I put it in(after defrosting of course). It's got a lot of veggies and protein matter in it. When she could sink before, she'd sit on a small pile of it and eat.

I currently have her, and have had her, in my planted 20 gallon nursery tank with young livebearer fry(Mollies, platies, swordtails and guppies). She's been there for about two weeks now and it was her initial home before I put her in my ten gallon betta and ADF tank for a week about two months ago or so. I moved her back after the betta incident with the other snails.

Is this fixable? Is it a disease, injury or illness? o-o I'd like to know what's going on and if I can help.
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