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Reptile Organism Scaled reptile Terrestrial plant Plant

Fish Fish Organism Pomacentridae Marine biology

Organism Fish Turtle

Aquarium decor Aquarium Freshwater aquarium Vegetation Aquatic plant

My 10 Gallon Tank
Stock: 3-Red Blue Tetra, 1- flame gourami
Future stock: 3 More Red Blue Tetra

Water Fish Organism Fish Reflection

Fish Fish Organism Marine biology Tail

Fish Fish Organism Marine biology Underwater

Fish Fish Organism Deep sea fish Underwater

Freshwater aquarium Wood Organism Fish Driftwood

My 54 Gallon Tank
Stock: 5- Lamp Eye Tetra (soon to be more hopefully) 2- Angels (Pair)
Future stock: 15 more Lamp Eyes, 2 Angels (already have) , 2 German Blue Rams, 2 Bristle Nose Pleco

Yellow Nature Leaf Macro photography Close-up

Freshwater aquarium Aquarium Aquarium decor Aquatic plant Aquarium lighting

My 29 gallon tank
Stock: 1 Walking Catfish, Several Snails
Future stock: Hopefully: 20-30 Mosquito Fish, Several ghost Shrimp, Some Other Fish.

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Your tanks looks very nice!

On a different note a word of caution on the Colombian blue tetras (Red blue tetras). They need to be in groups of at least 6+ and can be nippy fish at times. I had them in my 55 when it was up. Neat tetras but man do they have a food aggression. Could hardly get the rest of my fish food with them in there. LoL
Your right They do have a food aggression. I used to have 8 in there with the gourami and then a week later... POOF! 5 of the eight tetras are gone.. Like that. I kept such a close eye on the tank to make sure there was no aggression. But yeah my 10 Gallon Tank is my favorite tank out of all of them. :3
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