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Hi Guys,,
We are moving into a new flat and sadly I do not have the room for the tank anymore. If anyone would like to take this to a good home I would be very happy.

Included is the following.

4 foot Clear Seal tank
Aqualumi 4 bulb lighting pendant
6kg bottle of Co2
Azoo Dual Gauge Regulator
Solenoid Valve
Bubble Counter
Co2 ladder
Tetratec Ex1200 filter
Kador 900 Powerhead
3 25 Litre Water Buckets
All plants in the tank Substrate
All fish which consists of:
6 Siamese Algae Eaters
6 Amano Shrimp
6 Otto’s
7 White Cloud Minnows
1 Japanese Fighter
Extra Hosing
Planting Tweezers
Filter Floss
Co2 Resistant Tubing
Dry fertilizers (all required)
Phosphate Remover
Glass Cleaners
Test Kits
Timer Plugs
Plant Trimming Scissors

All this for £300 ono. I am gutted but I just cannto keep it any longer. I will however be buying a new one when we move into a 3 bed house next year (touch wood) so I will see you all again then.

We can deliever if you are near.



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