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My Tank-77 gal Fresh Water Community

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Hi Folks

I'm here to share my tank with you.My Tank is a 77 gal fresh water community tank.My fish are about 9 years old now.I have 2 Clown Loaches the largest 1 is about 6".I have 1 Bala Shark and he's about 8".I also have 1 Bossmani Rainbow full grown at 5"Last is a Pleco
Here's some pics:

Well I was about to uplode pics but I'm getting an error message that reads "Image directory doesn't exist"
Can any one tell me what to do ?
Later Bigblue
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A great photo hosting site (that is also free) would be photobucket. Go to and make a free account, upload your pictures, then use the IMG code to post them.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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