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ok I have a completed situation. I have 6 adult guppy with 30 fry of so at different stages of life, All have gold dusk really bad and the adults have some other issues going on as well. I also found a beautifully elephant ear Betta a petco with gold dusk pop eye and some more bad things going on as well so I had to to try to rescue and pet-co was really cool they where sory about the sick fish and gave 50% off….. I adding him to the guppy tank since they are all sick any way, which been treated with melafix/pimafix/ and kordon ick attack. for the past 4-5 days.(betta looked better in less than 24 hours)…. they are in a 10gal right know and where to be moved to a 55 but they are sick.
so here we go
I plan to take all fish at once put a 5 gal. bucket for a Epsom salt bath (can I add pimafix & melafix to that or just stay Epson?) for 20-30min (should I add a air stones as well).... then when time is up temporally move all the fish to a 100% disease free 5gal. heavily planted tank so they can distress.
I will then empty the 10gal. 100 % add new all ready cleaned sand while keeping the filter for the tank intake not to kill the bio filter action in there...Then 50% new water in the 10Gal. with all the proper water treatments‘, and melafix/pimafix/kordon brand ich attack(which works for the gold dust), And can you guess next, move all fish and water from the 5 gal heavily planted/established tank to the 10gal that is all ready fully treated and should be 100% disease free, and then continue the normal treatment with the meds.
and with the 5gal planting tank empty I will put all those plants in the 55 so I hope in3 weeks or so the fish are cured the Betta has his own 10 gal.
and the guppies are big pimpping in the 55g
so what do you think?
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