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my fish fry

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recently my fish have been giving birth a lot, and at the moment i have 2 fries! my other fries keep on getting eaten by my adult fish. how can i prevent this?
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Can you catch the little frys and put them in a little separated breeder? Petco has a nice fry separator that works wonderful, if youre able to catch them carefully..

Otherwise if you cant catch them, provide them with places to hide... The only chance they'll have at surviving is if they are able to hide from the adults... unfortunately if youre not intentionally breeding them it can be hard to keep the frys alive. Unless the males and females are separated, your fish will continue and continue to breed... Frys will become a normal thing you see in the tank, and unfortunately they will continue to get eaten.. My advice is that if you are not going to intentionally breed them, you should maybe consider just having a tank of one gender..
Well, it fully depends on what kind you want. Fake plants work fine. If youre wanting live plants i suggest looking up what kind of plants your specific breed fish like best

I also suggest for the future that if youre intentionally breeding your fish that you have a separate tank just for the fry to live and grow up in.. It would probably work best if you followed a breeding method of trying to keep track when they mate, tracking the females days of pregnancy, and when shes close to the day she`ll give birth you separate her by putting her into the tank the fry will live in... Right after shes done giving birth ide put her back into her normal tank. I think thats probably the best way to save as many baby frys as possible. Then they wont live in a tank with bigger fish that`ll try to eat them.. And that way its also easier to take care of them.. My mollies have had a couple batches of fry, I was not intentionally breeding them, so they basically all died.. I tried to save them, but when theyre in the main tank, its REALLY hard to keep them alive.. Between getting sucked up in the filter, getting eaten, and not getting fed enough because the older fish are eating their food, they really just dont survive. So, if youre going to make it a hobby to breed them, thats what i suggest! :) I wish you all the luck! :)
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It all depends on the kinds of fish you're raising.. What kind are they? Im pretty sure that betta fish are the easiest to breed, i could be mistaken though. I think livebearers are in general kinda difficult to raise just cause the moment theyre born, the older fish are trying to eat them real fast. I really want to start breeding bettas. Im in the early stages of researching everything so im no where near ready yet, but, ive watched a ton of youtube videos and its so memorizing how they breed and how the male raises the eggs until theyre fry.. Not to mention the process of them growing from young, colorless fry, to gorgeous bettas.. I find it extremely cool.

I wish you all the luck!
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