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The scud problem in my shrimp tank was out of control. To the point that I was thinking about stripping the whole thing and starting over.

I decided before I did that, I'd give eliminating the scuds one last go. I started by putting a few fake plants in to build up some healthy gunk on them and also because the scuds couldn't eat them.

About a week later, I pulled all living plants. They'd almost eaten my anubias down to nothing (I put that in my big tank and two days later, the cories covered it with eggs!). I left the driftwood, the fake plants, one moss ball and a few pieces of floating water lettuc.

Then I got a piece of airline, made a siphon out of it and went to town one by one sucking the scuds up. I easily took out 100 or more the first go. I started doing this every day and gradually the number of scuds went down. It's been about five days now and the tank looks amazing.

I'm sure this will sound odd, but the shrimp seem happier. They're much more active now and I've got two berried females just since I started cleaning the scuds out.

I'm not done - there are still some scuds in there of course, but every day, I go after them. I am determined to get rid of every one I see.

I've slowly started adding a few live plants back in. If anything, it helps draw the scuds out and make them easier to grab.

Just wanted to share since I know scuds in a shrimp tank can be sort of a common problem and I wasn't sure there was any hope. Well, there is.
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