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I have a 5 gallon planted cherry shrimp tank that became besieged with tiny snails after I failed to bleach an incoming plant shipment due to laziness on my part. I now have 3 assassin snails in the 5 gallon tank. As best as I can tell, they are terrible at hunting. I have personally witnessed the pest snails crawling across the back of the "assassins." They have been in the tank for about 6 months.

There are approx. 10 million snails in the tank, manual removal during cleaning seems to keep them down to a manageable level. Are my assassins only killing the once they reach a certain size? I have yet to see one break 2 millimeters, despite having had the pests for at least 6 months. Could such tiny snails be hurting the shrimp in any way? I don't really mind them except I worry for the shrimp.

Do I need more assassin snails? Is there anything else I can use that won't hurt the shirmp? I don't have any snail problems in other tanks, but all of my other tanks contain fish that would gladly eat the shrimp as well as snails, so I am somewhat at a loss for what to do with the shrimp tank.

The shrimp tank also contains a single flame tetra (h. flammeus) who has a swim bladder problem and has difficulty stabilizing himself. This has been constant since when I bought the lot of them. When put in a 29g with the other flames they terrorize him constantly, otherwise he would be with others of his own kind.

Thank you so much for reading.
the only thing with the snails and shrimp is the compition for food so nothing really to worry about also massive snails numbers means excess food being put in that they find so again nothing to worry about.:)
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