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How long has the tank been set up? Have you checked ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH? Many times angelfish won't eat if water quality is poor and/or they are stressed for one or more of various reasons. I would not be suspecting other kinds of illness unless there are specific symptoms and water stats have been ruled out as the possible cause. What other fish are in the tank? What is the temp? How much decoration is in the tank?
If things clear up, I'd see about getting angelfish into a minimum of 55 gallons, allowing them some space to grow, which they do quickly when healthy and cared for properly.
As for stunting growth, it's nitrate levels that will stunt growth... which will also slowly poison the fish. If a fish is in too small of a tank but water stats and temp and other care is sufficient, a fish can and will still grow to it's adult size... I saw what someone did to a jack dempsy in a 10 gallon tank once, it was horrible to see. The fish was about 7 inches long, raised to that size in 10 gallons with daily water changes of 50 - 60%... well fed, etc... and the color was beautiful.. but the spine was "kinked" from lack of space, thus the fish couldn't hold itself upright. It died in the end because it couldn't swim, even once put into a large enough tank by itself with special care given to it. Please don't keep angelfish in such small tanks... there are many many problems to come from that, and innocent animals suffer.
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