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Cody said:
Lovely. I like your built-in frag rack. :)

The only thing I would have done would be to add a black background to conceal the wires.
Well those Maxi jet power heads are tempory. I wanted to test more flow in the tank I have 3 #4 on the sides and I was thinking of adding another K4 and I wanted to see how the corals would respond to the flow. I will be removing the maxi jet in a couple of weeks if the corals like it. Normally you can't see any wires and with the wall painted light blue the tank looks deeper.


here is an older picture the corals are much larger and many more of them in the tank now but here is now it normally looks. I have debated many times about the black back round or not. the corals look better color wise with the black back round but the tank looks deeper with out it.

what do you think with out the backround here and no wires? this is how it normally looks
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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