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My 6 Gallon reef with 10 gal sump/fuge

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6 Gallon Cylendrical tank with 10 gal sump/fuge

2x Ocellaris
3x Blue-legged hermit crabs
2x Astraea snails
1x Margaritta snail
Reef-Safe astrena starfish

Pocillopora Damicornis
Various Mushrooms


diy led
2x nano hydor koralia pumps
HOB overflow
9lbs live rock

Reef Octopus NS-80 Nano Skimmer
Hydor 150 watt heater
Eshopps Auto Top-Off float valve
Aqueon Aq1700 return pump
Filter Floss
Activated Carbon

3x Nassarius snails
1X mexican Turbo snail
Reef safe Astrena starfish
5x Red Mangroves
Pulsing Xenia
6lbs live rock

I also dose the system with Korallen nano Zucht, kent marine 2 part nano and reef fuel by seachem.

Sorry for the bad photos but thats the best my phone can do lol :oops: and yes the acrylic tank is pretty scrathed up, but I am going to upgrade to a 12 Gallon rimless glass display soon.

6 Gallon Reef - YouTube


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I LOVE Cylinder tanks. Your corals all look so happy too, any specs on your LEDs?...and can I get a piece of that hammer once it grows out ;) ? You will have to trim down that sinularia real soon too. Also your stand\cabinet look clean and complete things rather nicely.
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Thank you! and maybe what do you have lol and as far as the leds, I have two 50 watt leds both with diffusers. One is a 20,000k white and the other is an actinic blue. The PAR value ranges from 450 (top) to 300 (bottom) and 280 (sides). I tested it with a MQ-200 Quantum meter.
I have several other euphylia types if you wanted one of those or zoas,montiporas,and maybe some other good stuff. I do like to trade. You say you are upgrading, are you just swapping the tank out?
I like the sound of montipora lol and yea i was just going to swap it out with a 12 gal rimless cube because its sooo heavaly scratched. but i was thinking of cleaning out the 6 gal and removing the scrathes and putting a blubber jellyfish or moon jellyfish in it.
Jelly fish are the one thing I have not kept yet and I must say I am still intimidated by the thought of having one. I would love to see one outside of the public aquariums but for now I will be sticking to the other inverts. If you do go that way make sure to make a build thread for it so I can learn a thing or two.
Yea sure will, ive keept several types if jellies. Moons, upsidedowns, blubber, medusa, and non-leathal Box jellyfish (which were EXTREMLY diffucult to find lol).
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