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Must get rid of dragon gobies - Free

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Hey all, I need to break down my 90 gallon brackish tank. I would like to find a new home for my three dragon gobies. No fish stores in the area are interested as brackish water fish are too specialized. I have three of them, sizes range from 9" to 12". I will give them to anyone who wants them for free as long as you go in half with me on the shipping. I am in New Orleans.

I have had these guys for at least 5 years, maybe 6. They are housed with 6 mollies. They area all fed nightly with either frozen brine shrimp, frozen blood worms or frozen daphnia. The best feeding response is with daphnia. They also love algae scraped of the glass.

Contrary to many online articles, the three get along great, probably because of tank size. Aggression and bullying is observed occasionally but appears harmless and normal. One is clearly dominant but all three are active in the evening and feed with no issues.

Tank is setup with a mixture of Seachem Flourite sand and Caribsea Aragonite sand. Specific gravity is maintained at 1.005. Plenty of driftwood is provided, gobies generally build burrows under the driftwood.

This is not a sales attempt. Just want to find a home for these guys so I can break the tank down.

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Welcome! Hope you find them a perfect home! Dragon gobies are awesome.
Thanks, they are great fish.
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I've always been fascinated by dragon gobies! Been told that they're actually quite shy despite their ferocious sounding name XD

Would you like me to move this into the classified section to see if you can get more responses?

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Sure, please. They are shy, they come out at dusk and at feedings are very cool to watch
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What are you doing with the tank?
I'm taking the tank down to replace my floors. Not sure what I want to do with my tank in the meantime or afterwards. Didn't want these guys living in an ice chest for several weeks. Would like to do something that would be of more interest to my kids, who are younger than the dragon gobies.
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