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I set up a tank just I guess 6-8 months ago. The tank is 20 gallons with flouressent liting 100 watt heater and an old fluval 2 plus filter. It is decorated with driftwood, plants (anubias, java fern, crypts and hygrophila), clay flowerpots and a sand substrate. It houses a bristlenose, 3 platies (1m2f) and 2 kribensis (1m1f). I feed once to twice a day a variety of foods: Omega one flakes, shrimp pellets,veggie rounds, frozen brine shrimp and bloodworms and blanched zuccini (not all at once i mix it up and somedays its flakes and pellets other days its bloodworms and zuccini etc)There are a few things that are not exactly as I expected and I have the following questions. Thank you for any assistance you can provide. I will attach picturs for reference.

The sand accumulates debris and even the same day as I clean the tank with a siphon the debris will be back. I believe it is from the driftwood and plants. Does anyone have any tips for keeping the sand clean? I use an air hose and suck it out by hand then vacuum.

The male platy is attacking a single pregnant female and ignoring the other. This began after both females gave birth in the tank for the first time. Has anyone seen this before?

A very course 'hairy' algae is growing in one spot on the wood I don't really mind it but also if anyone has seen this before I would be interested in knowing how to control it and keep it from spreadimg. Pleco won't eat it (not that i had expected him to).

Kribs will dig out the flowerpots and make their cave more private. I have seen the female and male both in the cave and the female will do her mating shake dance but still no eggs. I added the pair about 1- 2months ago. They seam to be exhibiting breading behavior on a regular basis.

Hygrophila started to die back once I first added it and now I have a few palm tree looking pieces left. Everytime I have ever tried to add java fern to a tank it dies back then new little plantlets form and are very slowgrowing. How do people get those beautiful java fer bushes? Am I just inpatient?

I feed the pleco veggie rounds and blanched zucchini but I very rarely actually see himeat it. How can I be sure he is getting enough food?

I want to add maybe a few tall hardy plants to hide the filter and heater. Any suggestions? Also looking to add a small school of fish? Can I do this without overstocking? If so any suggestions on what kind wouls be best?

Any other suggestions and tips are more than welcome.

Sorry for any spelling errors!

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I can answer some of the questions. The male platy is looking for a free meal, sometimes they chase the female hoping for fry. As long as the other female is happy, healthy and moving about don't worry.

Hair aglea can be annoying. You are stuck because anything that eats it will eat the plants. With the Kribs, algea eating shrimp are not possible. If it gets too much to look at remove the drift wood, allow it to dry and scrub off that area with bleach. Rinse, allow to dry and put back into tank. If it were me I'd pluck it when it got too big.

Pleco eating, look at the bottom and make sure it is not sunken. I weight down the food so it doesn't get moved so it iseasy to see when it has been grazed on. Try a french style green bean, no pleco alive can resist. The main thing is observe and if the behavior is normal and the abdomen looks fine you're OK. You can also give a piece of blanched carrot, you will be able to see it.
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