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Moving soon

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Hi everyone,
I need some advice on how to move my 29 gallon tank to my new home. I am closing on my first house and I am moving next Saturday. Can anyone give me some advice on how to move my tank so I do not stress out or kill my fish? I was planning on taking 1/2 the water with me so I don't crash my tank. I really want to make sure I can make it as less stressful as possible for my fish. Help!!
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if your moving to a diff city id test the water fist and see if its the same as where you live now. also move the fish last. to make it as fast as possible. use rubber made containers or plastic food safe container. the water isnt the important part of your aquarium(s) DONT let the filters dry out. empty out everything from the aquariums even substrate. this will make it easier to carry and also prevent damaging the tank itself from uneven weight causing it to break. other then that there isnt much to moving them.
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What rex said...

If you have a lot of fish you can empty some water into one of those large rubbermaid (roughneck) totes and put the fish in there. that way they have a large area. If you just have a couple, a simple new never seen soap 5 gallon bucket works well too. You can put your plants (if any) in there and let them float at the top.

I'm going to be moving soon as well. It's also my first house. Congrats! Isn't it a long process? Paperwork and more paperwork.

I have one of those thingies that you plug into your car cigarette lighter and it makes a power outlet. I'm going to use that and run an air stone for our 30 minute drive. Once you get to the house you can easily possibly hang your filter on the tote and put in a heater (kinda float it away from the sides maybe?) and they can stay in there for a couple hours that way while you set up your new tank.

KEEP YOUR FILTER AND GRAVEL WET.. put it in buckets.. that way you don't loose your good bacteria.

It's going to take me all day to move a 46 and a 29. Ugh.. You're not alone.
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Thank you Aurie, thank god I am only moving 2 miles south of where I am now and I will be in the same city. Ugh, I do not envy you one bit, it's hard enough trying to move 1 tank let alone two.
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