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Moving 10 Gallon Tank w/Water

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I plan on draining about 80% of the water out of a 10 gallon tank (keeping the fish in the tank), sliding the tank onto a piece of hard wood, taking the tank to another (room) location, and then replacing the water I originally removed.

Does anyone see a problem with this? Will the tank be able to be moved without cracking or being damaged?

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If you drain 80% of the water you should be able to easily carry it wherever you want it to go.
Yeah that's what I figured. I want to make sure I don't put any strain on the glass and cause and cracks while moving.
With just a couple of gallons in the tank, I agree that just carrying it to the new location would be best. It would probably give you better control.
I don't want to guarantee anything since I'm not an expert, but that sounds fine. I don't see how there would be any strain, especially if its on the flat wood.
Thanks for your input guys. I really appreciate it. I'm going to be moving the tank this weekend as planned. I did get some additional help so there will actually be 2 of us carrying the board under the tank. Hopefully I won't have water sloshing around all over the place.
Honestly, the board is not needed.
i moved a 20 gallon high from a buddies house about 5 miles away and we just drained it to like 5 or so gallons and everything worked out no need for a board. your 10 gallon should be ok.
You guys talked me into it. I'll be moving the tank tomorrow with no board. Should be pretty easy with most of the water drained.

Thanks for everyones input. I really appreciate it.
I moved the tank yesterday with no problem.
Removed about 75% of the water. Left the gravel, driftwood, fish, plants, etc. in the tank.
Picked the tank up and carried it to it's new location in another room easy.

Thanks for everyones input.
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