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Hi, about 6 weeks ago ive openend a thread here about this fish who had layed eggs and carrying them even though they arent fertelised{he is alone in the tank}
4 days ago she did it again, a bit less then a mouth after she spit the last ones out.
In addition to that she is showing some weired swimming behavior as you can see in the video-alot of head shaking a bit of flashing and occasionly try to swim into the tank wall and ito things{thats what you see in the video}
Im worried that theres something wrong beside the mouthbrooding thing
In addition im worried beacaue if she is going to do this every mounth it means she will not eat about 2 weeks every mouth..
Why do you think she is doing it? how should i prevent it or make her spit the eggs faster?
thank you
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