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Hello all,

I have a Fluval C4 Power Filter (HOB) on my 36 gallon freshwater tank housing a fair number of fish. Currently, I have the foam pad, a small bag of Purigen, but mostly Matrix in the filter. My filter does have a very large chemical media basket which is about 3/4 filled with Matrix and 1/4 with Pruigen. Then, there is a small-ish bio-media basket above that with more Matrix.

My levels have been good... 0 ammonia/nitrite 40 nitrate (is that nitrate a little high)?

Would I be better off replacing some of that Matrix with more Purigen? Basically, which has the better Ammonia/Nitrate/Nitrite removal ability? Which should I have more of? Should I just fill the entire chemical basket with Purigen and then leave the Matrix in the top bio-basket?

Thanks in advance!!!
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