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Family: Monodactylidae

Common Name: Mono

Origin and Habitat: West Africa


Monodactylus Sebae Diet

Monos are largely herbivorous and will relish large quantities of vegetable matter however they may eat smaller tankmates if given the opportunity. Size

Ideal water parameters for Monodactylus Sebae

The Monodactylus Sebae should be kept in an aquarium with the temperature ranging from 75 to 84 degrees Fahrenheit, and a Ph of around 8.


Monodactylus sebae is also known as African Moony. It comes from the estuarines and mangroves of West Africa. It has a significantly larger anal fin than that of the Monodactylus argenteus.

The mono grows very large and requires an aquarium with a bare minimum of 75 gallons for a small group of 4-5. The smaller specimens can be kept in freshwater but as they mature, the salinity should gradually be increased. A tank furnished with plants, woods and rocks make a suitable environment for the monos.

Breeding is not known however it is commonly knowledge that adult monos, like scats, thrive in the sea and eventually come back to the estuarines to spawn where the juveniles thrive in freshwater and gradually brackish to saltwater as they grow.

Monos are prone to bacterial infections like scats if not kept in brackish to marine conditions.
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