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Hey everyone,

I have a problem with another fish and I'm starting to wonder if there's a bigger problem brewing.

I have a balloon molly (which will be the last I ever buy) that's not looking well… started to behave sluggish and spend a lot of time at the bottom of the tank. Then after 24 hours she started to yaw a bit from left to right. All the while looking like she's loosing weight.

I then took her out and put her in a separate little tank with some promethyasul. Not ideal but I've got no idea what's wrong so treated with the only medicine I have in an attempt to do what I can.

After a bit of time passed, I tried to give her some food which she tried to eat but never managed successfully.

Since then she's been very still and just at the bottom the tank.

Today she's started swimming in circles like in a corkscrew.

I was told that they are genetically predesposed to problems because of the 'ballooning' effect which is very nasty on the fish so i was advised to expect problems and give her as best a life as I could but....I'm now wondering if their might be a bigger problem because I recently lost a bronze cory who displayed this same corkscrew swimming and buoyancy problems.

I did actually loose another cory as well which I didn't spot for a few days because I couldn't see it as it'd died behind a rock feature I have (funnily enough, this links to a previous post - as this spot is where my angel was hiding… since I found and removed the dead cory, my Angel has returned to normal) but I don't know what that one died of.

I've been keeping my eye on the water and all the parameters are perfect, I did a 30% change last week and had a real good clean. I was planning on going 2 weeks this time before the next change as the tank looks really good.

So all the rest of my fish appear to be in really excellent shape but of course now that it looks like I've got a second fish of a different breed looking like dying of the same thing as my bronze Cory I'm wondering what the problem is.

What I have changed recently is that I've stopped adding stress zyme on a weekly basis. My tank has been set up since october of last year and had fish in since november so I've stopped.
I've also removed my bubbler.

I've gone back to using Stress Coat as the water conditioner when I do my water changes.

I do have 2 x acrylic letters in my tank as decorations, 2 x stones, 2 x driftwood pieces and then some plants but they have all been there since november last year.

The temperature in Australia is starting to drop and it's getting colder at night now so my heater may be kicking in but it's not on when I check during the day. I've got it set to 26 degrees.

All the rest of my fish look great – has anyone got any ideas? I myself had just been putting this down the stresed fish that never had the best start in life so they just didn't make it but our molly really did look great before she suddenly started to display these symptoms.

Any help would be really appreciated

Thanks all

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Water Parameters are as follows:-

pH 7.6
Ammonia 0
Nitrite 0
Nitrate 0

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Beano.... Hmmmmm....why do you have a reading of 0 for NitrAtes if your tank has been up since October? Something is not right there. I think it is one of the tests that must be shaken for a heck of a long time.
Are you using the API Liquid testing kit? or the strips?
Do you ever clean this tank? or your filter? This could account for the odd numbers. Once the good bacteria builds up you should be sitting with a NitrAte number of about 20ppm. By scrubbing out a filter and over vacuuming, or like myself many years ago I would tear down the tank and clean EVERYTHING, run the gravel under the tap. Little did I know I was killing ALL my good bacteria. No wonder I would loose fish over the next few weeks each time I did it as the tank would re-cycle.
Can you think of anything unusual that you may do with your tank?

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Hey Jakiebabie,

I have often asked myself that questions and honestly I don't know. I have the API full test kit and i shake the hell out of the bottles and still i don't get any any readings.
I have an Eheim 2217 canister filer which i've changed the carbon & filter pads since i've had it but i've never cleaned any other media like the noodles and little rocks that are in it.
I change the carbon and filter pads every 6-8 weeks or so.

When i change the water, every 2 weeks, sometimes I wipe the inside of the tank to clean any diatom (which there isn't much these days) and then I gravel vac all the 2-5 mm substrate. I do take out all the plants etc but i don't clean them, i just take them out when I perform a change.

I will take some water to my local store to get the water tested again to get a second opinion but the last time I did, they revealed the same results as my tests.

I never wash anything in tap water.

I usually change 30% water every 2 weeks.

I have just thought.... i cut open a fresh bin liner to put on the floor and the liners i use are those scented ones... that might have something to do with it!?

That's pretty much my routine - should I start adding the Stress Zyme again to try and encourage a bit more good bacteria?
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