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Molly acting strange, has a bubble under gonopodium

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So I got a new balloon molly today because one of my pair disappeared a couple weeks ago and my 2 year old balloon molly got really stressed out by his appearance. He started acting weird (floating near the top, trouble swimming), got stringy poop, and now he looks to have a big bubble protruding from under his gonopodium. It is almost see-through. Any idea what it is and what I can do? I gave him a pea which he ate a couple pieces of in case it is swim bladder.
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Not sure without a photo. Could be dropsy. Look down from above and see if he look like his scales are protruding out, like a pinecone. If so put him down ASAP. Id not it sounds like he has an intestinal twist and what you're seeing is part of the lower intestine filled with gas protruding. There is no bringing him back if that is the case.
Sorry I just can't get a good photos with my phone but the bubble is smooth and pokes out from near his gonopodium, there's no scales on it, but his on part of his stomach the scales are sticking out. So he's doomed?
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I looked up dropsy and for the sake of being thorough I wanted to point out his stomach is not swollen like the fish I saw. He is normal size but there is just a bubble poking out of him at the bottom of his stomach. Kind of like the cheeks on those bubble cheek goldfish but much smaller.
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Okay here's at least a decent pic. You can see the bubble right between his belly and his gono. Can't see to much of his protruding scales but they're right above
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A bubble is usually a prolapse. This means he was unable to poop or had an injury and his intestines came out his bum. SOMETIMES it fixes itself, othertimes it doesn't and will kill it. Put him where he can't be nipped at by anyone or better yet, block off part of the tank, give him a bit of salt and see if he can fix himself. If he can't pull it in within 48 hours, usually best to assume they wont make it.

It's also possible it's some-sort of parasite. So again, I suggest salt, and API General Cure, treat everyone. It's highly likely your other fish brought something into the tank and the whole should be treated.

Mollies also need to be in groups of 4-5+ in a 20-30 gallon tank. If that's not provided for them, they can bully each other or just plain get stressed out and depressed. This opens them up to nasties they would otherwise be strong enough to fight off. The less stress the better, but since this fella has something wrong, best to seclude him to get it figured out and treated where he can't be chewed on. Sometimes if a fish has something hanging out, the other will bite it...and if it's a prolapse or a parasite, being bitten would be very bad for everyone.

There's also the possibility of it being a cyst, or infected injury. Those can also be treated with a bit of salt or an antibacterial. Getting cycsts there isn't uncommon, unfortunately. Poor guys. ^^;

Basically try treating him and see where this goes. Salt is the best since it's currently an unknown, and mollies do love salt as is. =)
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