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Mloto Fireline and Mloto Likoma that are dying off

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So I'm not new to the Hobby but I'm new to the group. I am stumped and need some direction. I have lost three fish (in two different tanks) in a six day time frame, one every two days. The interesting part is that they are Mloto Fireline and Mloto Likoma that are dying off (out of 6 different types of African cichlids). Here are the facts: Tank sizes 65 and 120 established, UV sterilizers in both tanks, peacock and hap tanks, food Extreme cichlid flakes and pellets once a day no junk food, water quality 0 ammonia 0 nitrites 20 and 25 for nitrates, pH 8.2, Temperature 80, no warning signs prior to die off, no visible signs of illness fins and scales are perfect, eating and swimming normal, no bloating, Fish came from the same breeder in Florida two months ago, No new fish have been added all other tank mates seem fine. The tanks are not being treated at this time. I’m trying to figure out if there is something species specific that is the cause for the die off. Does anybody have any thoughts on the matter.

Thanks for listening

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Update: I came home from work to discover that one of the fish in my tank (lemon Jake) was in the process of making a stringy white poop. Upon further investigation I also found traces of this white string poop in one the canister filters. If I had to guess I would say this was an internal parasite. I am now treating with PraziPro. I have removed the carbon from my filters but does anybody know if this stuff kills Tank biologics?
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