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mixing different barbs

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i currently have 5 gold barbs(Barbodes semifasciolatus) in my 30 gallon planted tank; i'm planning to add 5 odessa barbs(Pethia padamya). The internet says both types can reach 2.8 inches, but the average size is below 2 inches. Some questions:

1. i read that barbs like to school with their own types; if i add just two odessa barbs, will they school with the gold barbs? Or will they count gold barbs as "different", and possibly become nippy/aggressive?

2. The internet says both types can reach 2.8 inches, but usually they don't grow beyond 2 inches. That said, can i add more than 5 odessa barbs?

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Ya they USUALLY dont get more than 2in. Yes in small numbers most barbs will intermix. It is more of a safety thing. But to schools of barbs in a 30g. Though it is fine. They will probably intermix a little bit. They will not school like rummynose, they will be more like danios.
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