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Mixing black gravel with natural gravel

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Hey everyone, my 29 gallon tank currently is bare-bottom due to the fact that I had a Razorback Musk Turtle in there. Sadly the lil guy didn't make it because overnight he got himself stuck under a decoration and drowned :(. I'm still gonna use the tank however, and I want to put substrate on the bottom without disturbing the current inhabitants. I have crypts planted in potted plants with natural gravel but only about 5-10 pounds worth.

So my plan is to buy a 20 pound bag of black gravel and mix it with the natural gravel. Has anyone done this mix before? Or should I just stick to using pure black gravel?
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I'm doing this with my new 125 gallon tank. The previous owner gave me all his gravel, which I didn't want, so what I did was use his stuff to line the bottom, and then I added black gravel on top. So far so good, but I imagine it's going to be hard during cleaning time to keep them from mixing together.
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