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Microworms, Endlers, Oddball Endlers

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I am in the process of moving several types of fish to their outdoor pools for the summer. I kind of, well way, way really, went overboard breeding several types of fish for brooder stock for the outdoor pools. Now I have some really high quality excellent young brooder stock available. I would hate to put these guys on Aquabid as I want real people who will give them proper care to have them. As a rule I add extra fish of the type purchased unless told not to do so. I also have some free stuff for folks when they order.

Here is what I have at the moment:

Starter microworm culters $9 or small ready to use culters $12 Shipped
Starter microworm with fish purchse $5 - small ready to use culters $9
Microworms are easy to culture as long as you can make Oatmeal and put it in a plastic container. Unlike live baby brine shrimp, microworms stay alive in the water for up to 18 hours and fish love them. If you breed cory cats these are excellent to condition the adults / parents and small enough for the new born fry to eat once free swimming.

Orchard Endlers - 2 trios $20 shipped - Extra males or females $1.50 e.a.
Chilli Endlers - 2 trios $20 shipped - Extra males or females $1.50 e.a.
Oddball Males - 8 fish $20 shipped - Extra males $1.50
All Male Color package any of the above any combination 10 fish $22 shipped - Extra fish $1.00
Mixed Endler and Endler cross fry scoop 10 or more fish $4 with any fish purchase

Odds and ends Swordtails 4 fish $18 shipped
6 fish $22 shipped
8 fish $27 shipped - Extra fish $2.00 e.a. up to a max of 12
Pike Livebearers 6 unsexed $38 shipped - Young sexed pair $40 shipped -These are awsome!
Tree Frog tadpoles - Mixed Green Tree Frog and Barking Tree Frogs. $10 for 10 shipped.
Tree Frog feeder tadpoles - P.M me with what you have in mind for details
Feeder snails great for loaches, crayfish and puffers 20 for $3 with any other purchase or P.M. me for details

Some items shipping can be combined -P.M. for details

Free with fish order any two of these items if you want them while they last:
-Duckweed starter
-Ramshorn snails (2-4)
-Pond snails (4-6)
-Unsexed Betta (Only 2 available)
-Tree Frog Tadpoles super cool (2)
-Small sample of Ken's Specialty Foods - p.m. for types available
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Do you have any n-class black bar endlers, or might you in the future? I just got some youngsters in that I'm raising to breed(they are currently tiny little fry, some look a few days old, some maybe a week or two), but I'd like to have other bloodlines in so I don't inbreed, or at least have less chance of it and am on the watch for a good provider, which I know full well you are. =)

I may be interested in your Orchids(I assume you meant orchids and not orchards) though, I need to discuss that one since I have an extra tank, but it currently has my hybrids in there and I don't want to mix any up, they need to be moved first IF I can get my other tank going and find room.
I believe I have some N Class Black Bars left. I did just stock an entire pool wit them. I'll catch up to you in24 hours.
Tree frogs

I was curious about the tree frogs. How large of an aquarium do they need?
The tadpoles only need a 5gal and you can add them to your community tank of 10gal or larger. Once they turn into frogs a 10gal or larger tank with a screen lid works to maintain them. The beauty is once the tadpoles morph the actual frogs can be released as they are native everywhere east of the rocky mountains. Be warned, if you put them in an outdoor pond your frogs will be back next spring and you will have tadpoles. They sing each night and almost everyone likes it.
Awesome, I recently aquired a tadpole. I think he is a southern chorus frog. I'm not sure. But I think I will let him reach maturity then release him back into the stream where I got him. He would probably be happier that way
I hear you, or at least my wife hears and she is not a supporter of helping the breed make a come back. These guys are a tad loud, but if you live where you have trees and not a ton of bug poison, they will take hold and thrive. I'm sure we ncreases the survival rate of tadpole by several 110s of percents. I'm realeasing some else where with more ground and habitate. I'll be posting photos f the taddy boys tonight.

Thanks for your conservation.
Not a problem, And Im sure he will actually help with the bug population around my area. we have lots of trees and the creeks, (yes there are two) come together right behind our house. THanks!!
I almost got some bullfrog taddies for my outdoor planted pool. But I mean...I haven't had frogs since I was a kid, never had outdoor ones....this is Colorado and they could not tell me what happens in winter. You can't keep the pool from freezing over when it hits -20F to -30F sometimes. x.x Do they freeze and thaw with winter or what? lol I'm gonna get some mosquitofish for it. Hey, more livebearers. xD I'd love frogs though. I've always adored frogs, but I wont get them when I have nowhere for them to stay in the cold, they'd just die...or whatever frogs do in the winter. I know some freeze and thaw with it, but I dunno about bullfrogs. Me want, they're so huge and noisy. :3

I had a green tree frog once. Ah, miss the little booger. There was a small rock in the "Pond" area and it somehow got itself stuck there and drowned. =(
Tadpole morph and become tree frogs that are also native to your state. Enjoy them during the summer then they are free to go and carry on doing frog stuff.
Was that aimed to me? If so, green tree frogs are not native here. They're more tropical-ish and native to places like Florida and Hawaii. From Wiki: "These frogs are found in the central and southeastern United States, with a geographic range from the Eastern Shore of Virginia to southeast Florida, with populations as far west as central Texas, and as far north as Maryland and Delaware The frogs are considered monotypic, but clinal variation has been observed from Florida north along the Atlantic coastal plain. This possibly may be attributed "to the result of strong selection and/or drift."
There's also the Australian green tree frog. Cute fat little thing. <3

Frogs native here are:

The Northern Cricket Frog, I caught some of these when I was a kid. Cutest little things in the world, was only going to keep him and his buddy for a day or two since I wanted to hear them sing...the stupid thing decided the gravel was tasty and choked on it. I let the other one go when I found that out. No idea why it tried to eat rocks almost as big as its head.

Plains Leopard Frog,

Canyon Treefrog way in the western slopes,

Western Chorus Frog.

Bullfrog...Hey there, just found that out checking our native listings. Maybe they can find a way. lol I'll have to do some more research on those. I'd really love to have frogs around. Problem is, since they moved the creek behind our house underground, we really haven't had any frogs. Not even near the creek a few blocks from here, which makes me nervous and wonder why. Plenty of bugs and crayfish, maybe something nasty is in the water.

Northern Leopard Frog. Seen those too. :3

We have Wood Frogs too, but they're only native in the mountain areas.
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That was not aimed at you. From what I have read Green Tree Frogs are native west to the Rockys. We have Plains Leapord Frogs here, but their populations areso thin I will not provide tadpoles, I have at least 50 out there, unless they overrun the place in the next few year. If you want Bull Frog tadpoles, I can get you a ton of those.
=o I love 'em, I do! VERY tempting offer. It's hard to find them healthy here. They keep them in tiny buckets at the garden shop. I had told them why they were sick, and the guy said he told the manager the same thing and got threatened, so I told him I would not buy. >>;

I dunno. Is it even remotely a good idea to get frogs with a pool? I suppose I could put in a ramp or something on both sides, and the plants themselves will likely be enough to hold them up....maybe not, bullfrogs are fat and big. lol But yeah. I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Got neighborhood cats to try and kill them, they wont have any body of water to escape to for several blocks besides my pool....I'm putting the whole thing in a relatively sheltered area, but yeah. I worry they will get killed or have some sort of difficulty with the area. Although...there is a swampy sorta area behind our house, but it's very small and sometimes gets REALLY small until the rain.
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