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metaframe tanks

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I have two vintage fish tanks. One is marked Metaframe the other is not marked. The one that is not marked has a slate bottom and chrome edges. Who do you think makes the unmarked tanks. Does Metaframe have unmarked tanks?
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I'm old enough to remember when that's all you could buy, and even when new, they had a tendency to leak. So the first step was always to fill it up and wait a few days to see if you got a good one. Having said that, if they didn't leak initially, you were generally good to go for years.

I've never tried it but you could probably easily reseal a vintage tank and after all the years, I'm not sure I'd trust the orignal aquarium "cement" to be watertight.
There were a lot of Metaframe copycats back in the day, because, at the time, building a tank was not the "rocket science" it is to most companies today, lol! I would say the lack of marking just shows it was not a Metaframe tank. No way would I trust the old sealant, if you're going to use them, as it was a lot like roofing tar --- had a tendency to bubble under a seam & leak, & it gets brittle over time & will break out. My paternal grandfather used to make his own metal frame tanks & changed to the "new" silicone sealant as soon as it came out, re-sealing his whole houseful of tanks.
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