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Merry Christmas to me.... Ich problem, am I treating correctly?

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As many of you know, I have a freshly cycled 10 gallon tank. I did my first WC today, not out of necessity due to parameters, but because the sand was filthy. (I couldn't do a WC for 2 weeks using the TSS (which didn't let my ammonia go over 1ppm anyways) and a week after it was done, I still hadn't done a WC because my ammonia was at just under .25 and nitrates at 10. My newly established tanks always run low ammonia at first as they become more established.

Well, I woke up and went to turn my light on and feed the piggy and I noticed something on his fin. Upon closer inspection, my oscar (who is STRICTLY being QT'd in this tank) has ich. He is 2.5" and has about 10-15 ich spots on him. I did a 65% WC, changed the filter pad (HOB) and cranked up the heater. The water is at 84.4F right now, I am slowly increasing it. My goal is 86-88F (it's hard to keep a stable temp, we have no insulation) for three weeks. I also kept the water level lower so my filter would put some additional oxygen in the water. Poe isn't sure what to think about the fairly strong current in front of the outtake but he is having fun figuring out that the bubbles it's producing aren't food.

With weekly WCs using Prime and the temp between 86-88F, will my poor baby be safe from this nasty ich? I have some Kordon Rid-Ich+ (that is ancient, I may add) but I really would like to avoid medicating the tank if I can. One, because it is newly established, and two, because this medicine WILL stain my silicone.

Thank you, as always,
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Yes your fish will be just fine. You should see improvement after 3 days or so and then they should be almost, if not completely gone after 5. The second week is just to be sure that there aren't any survivors - the heat disrupts the life cycle, so they are unable to progress to finding a host and die.
I read mixed opinions on whether a substrate vaccum every day is necessary. He's very ichy and, as an oscar, gets very upset when I clean the tank. Is every day necessary or can I just stick to the once a week thing? I'm sooo glad I QT'd him and didn't put him straight in the 75. It's so much easier to treat small tanks.
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I used to do the daily changes and gravel vacs...cause that's what people said to do. However, understanding that the treatment kills the parasite - dead parasites do not reinfect fish, and the whole idea behind doing the vacs and water changes is to remove the parasites before they can find a new host. Again, understanding that the heat prevents them from being able to take a host which causes their death, what's the point??

I have LONG since stopped doing water changes or any vacs during the treatment. Makes no difference whatsoever. The treatment is equally effective.
Alright, that's why I was confused. I'll stick to doing my WCs as needed with my parameters, then. Thanks, Jaysee!

My baby is so itchy I hope they break off soon.
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He's doing much better, no ich spots at all now but this morning the temp in the tank was 85F, did this ruin the treatment and I need to start the 2 weeks over again?
85 again this morning. /: I can't keep the temp up at night. I don't know if this is affecting treatment or not. /:
You said that the fish doesn't have spots anymore - sounds like it's working well enough. I would assume that it is working fine.
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