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marine tank - 2 months old

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i am very new to this marine stuff.... i've done tropical freshwater for a year or two but only set this tank up a couple of months ago...

i'm just running a few corals with a mated pair of clowns, a small yellow goby and some hermit crabs

i know my tank needs a good clean and the pics are a little blurry but you'll get an idea of whats happening in there

i live about three hours from the nearest pet shop which stocks marine fish so thats why i haven't managed to get any cleaner shrimp or anything.

anywho i hope you enjoy the pics!!!

take it easy, swen

i have a couple of pics of a home-made light hood (my mate is an electrician so it's ok)
it is just a generic hood, however its been fitted with 4xT5 high output electronic fittings with 3 marine white and 1 marine blue globe

T5 is basically the same as a normal fluro, but the new H/output fittings and globes allow the same amount of fluros to be run but with a lot less power use and last twice as long (they are flicker-free on start up)

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Nice tank.:thumbsup:
swenno said:
but i'm already hooked on the saltwater my dream is to now look at doing a big reef tank (maybe about 6 ft)... when i have the money!
Not this one. If it were my 6 feet, I'd fill it with several Amazon fishes.:crazy: Altums, discus, tetras, loricariids and cories.:welldone:
swenno said:
does sound very nice....

i would love to get a tank for some other strange animals...

i found a place that sells different types of eels and stingrays (i would love to give them a go to!)
You have to research their requirements first before considering buying oddball fish.
1 - 3 of 16 Posts
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