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marine tank - 2 months old

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i am very new to this marine stuff.... i've done tropical freshwater for a year or two but only set this tank up a couple of months ago...

i'm just running a few corals with a mated pair of clowns, a small yellow goby and some hermit crabs

i know my tank needs a good clean and the pics are a little blurry but you'll get an idea of whats happening in there

i live about three hours from the nearest pet shop which stocks marine fish so thats why i haven't managed to get any cleaner shrimp or anything.

anywho i hope you enjoy the pics!!!

take it easy, swen

i have a couple of pics of a home-made light hood (my mate is an electrician so it's ok)
it is just a generic hood, however its been fitted with 4xT5 high output electronic fittings with 3 marine white and 1 marine blue globe

T5 is basically the same as a normal fluro, but the new H/output fittings and globes allow the same amount of fluros to be run but with a lot less power use and last twice as long (they are flicker-free on start up)

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Tank is looking good keep it up! I would recommend trying to get some coral or whatever fits it right to cover up the piping and stuff in the back of the tank if you catch my drift. 8)

He hasnt posted ap icture of the tank/clown so how would you know if you ' liked ' the size of the clown yet? Lol
1 - 2 of 16 Posts
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