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marine tank - 2 months old

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i am very new to this marine stuff.... i've done tropical freshwater for a year or two but only set this tank up a couple of months ago...

i'm just running a few corals with a mated pair of clowns, a small yellow goby and some hermit crabs

i know my tank needs a good clean and the pics are a little blurry but you'll get an idea of whats happening in there

i live about three hours from the nearest pet shop which stocks marine fish so thats why i haven't managed to get any cleaner shrimp or anything.

anywho i hope you enjoy the pics!!!

take it easy, swen

i have a couple of pics of a home-made light hood (my mate is an electrician so it's ok)
it is just a generic hood, however its been fitted with 4xT5 high output electronic fittings with 3 marine white and 1 marine blue globe

T5 is basically the same as a normal fluro, but the new H/output fittings and globes allow the same amount of fluros to be run but with a lot less power use and last twice as long (they are flicker-free on start up)

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you read my mind

thanks for the pos comments!

was my thoughts exactly bought covering the stuff in the back corner....

gonna look for some sort of nice tall coral for the back corner and then some medium stuff for in front of that to fill in that spot.

its just unfortunate i have to drive 3 hours to get the stuff....

basically everything in the tank (except the live rock) was all bought in one hit -

5 corals plus the mated clowns and the goby all in in one time....
didn't want to buy anymore cos i didn't want to throw the tank out too much.... but i'm stoked cos nothing has died so i know i'm doing something right!

on my next trip i plan on gettin a starfish and some cleaner shrimp as well as the other corals...

thanks for checking it out
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thanks again....

i need to remember to give my freshwater tank a quick clean and get some photos of that up too....

thats a 3 ft 170 litre tank with an angel, quite a LARGE silver dollar, 5 silver sharks, a clown loach and a black lancer.... it's quite a fast and aggressive tank at times

so hopefully i'll get some photos up with that soon

be good take it easy
the clowns are small but cool

they've found themselves a nice little home at the back of the tank which is a pain but i'm struggling to catch a clear pic of them...

in the meantime i'll throw up the best ones i can find and i'll also put up a couple o pics of my freshwater tank

cheers for now, swen 8)

my flower coral

clowns :D

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he he!

thanks, it's only a small tank cos it's my first attempt at a marine one and i didn't want to look silly if i failed dismally!!

i also get so upset when my fish die... i feel like i should've been taking better care of them, so that's the reason it's small and simple!

but i'm already hooked on the saltwater my dream is to now look at doing a big reef tank (maybe about 6 ft)... when i have the money!
does sound very nice....

i would love to get a tank for some other strange animals...

i found a place that sells different types of eels and stingrays (i would love to give them a go to!)
the saltwater is a couple of steps up from the fresh

but apart from the initial setup cost, it's not too bad to get going.
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