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As long as the maggots are washed well. I have fed fruit fly maggots to my fish in the past and they love them. I wouldn't feed them too often thought because they can be very fatty and will make your fish overweight.

Mealworms are the larva of the darkling beetle. Their scientific name is Tenebrio molitor and there are a couple others species, king mealworms and confused flour beetles. The kings are huge and the confused flour beetle is the smallest and easiest to raise and feed to your fish. Most fish will not eat the beetle unless you have a large oscar or arowana. Pond goldfish will eat them from what I have heard.

Fruit fly larva are easy to culture and will be high in vitamins depending on what you use for media to culture them.

The only thing I can see being a potential problem is the fact that bottle fly maggots are most often cultured in manure and it could contaminate the aquarium over time. Muska domestica is the common house fly and can be cultured the same as fruit flies although much less productive.
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