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Just got a 36G bowfront tank. I'm looking for ideas on decorating it. I just need some argonite/dolomite/crushed oyster shells and I'm good to start. Size is about 36' wide x 16 bow x 20 high

here are my prefences:
-- only real plants
-- many hiding places
-- no cheapie, kid's tank, "don't fish here", pirates tresure chests, etc

After I figure out how to resize photos, i"ll post an image of 10 galllon so you have an idea.

Previously what I have used:
-- piles of slate stone
-- artificial log
-- amazon swordplants
-- corkscrew val and tall val in background
-- plastic log stumps

tallish/dense hiding places in back left and back right
low bulby plants in front and a small hiding place under rock

typical stock
bunch of cories, catfish

red tail shark ;; may be too large for tank, they always grow to10-12 inches for me
swordtails, rarely
yellow lightning cichlid
rams ;; have not faired well for me

1- tank scape suggestions
2- stocking suggestions

Currently initial stock planned is:
4 julie like cories
2 pearl gouramis
1 dwarf gourami ;; from other tank
1 rainbow fish ;; from other tank, but kind of boring
2 whiteclouds ;; from other tank, boring, but haven't found heater yet and tank is running 74 ish

Then the next week complete the stocking.

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Interesting. I'll have to investigate it. Right now plumbing is clean, the fillter is a square box over the tank
that doesn't show. The lift tube and heater and masked by side angle. The tank is against a medium grey wall, so simple background.

However, I will look at the materials. Hopefully you know of a URL which has some examples of this.

I know about the white clouds, I had 2 and now only one. Thats why it's first. Has been healthy as it has adapted to about 78F.
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