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Hello. I am looking to restock my tank with some schooling fish that do not need a planted tank. I do have guppy grass and some small dwarf lettuce plants floating. My tank has just gotten over an outbreak of Columnaris that wiped out half my fish, and I had to re-cycle the tank with the surviving fish in it. The established media went bad, my mistake because I left it sitting in a bucket of water without air or water movement for 5 days. When I went to use it again, it stunk terribly. I lost my gorgeous family of huge female silver mollies. A mommy and four daughters of different ages. I also lost 2 cory cats, 1 oto, and a juvie balloon molly who was the carrier. I was devastated! The survivors are 2 cory cats, 2 otos, a 5" bristlenose, 1 guppy that someone just gave me to see if I want more, 1 nerite snail, and a female betta. This time, I think I am going to veer away from the livebearers and go for a big bunch of schooling fish or shoaling fish. I'm not quite sure of the difference.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

29 high with an AquaClear 70 HOB and an internal Cascade 600
20 long just being started as QT tank ( I learned my lesson the hard way) :frown2:
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