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Looking for excess plants

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I'm working on turning a 65 gallon tank into a heavily planted aquarium(I posted about it in the beginner's section) but currently all I have are a couple wisteria stems, lacy java fern, and a little water sprite. I'll be adding things as I go along according to what my budget allows but if anyone has any overgrown plants that they'd be willing to send me clippings or clumps of, I'd be ever so grateful and happy to cover shipping. I could even bribe you with sketches of your fish or other artwork if that's something you might be interested in. Thank you for reading.
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I have about 40 stems of mayaca fluviatilis and a few ruffled aponogeton plants if your interested in those. I was going to see if anyone on here wanted to trade plants for plants but your in a bit of a plant drought so cash would do. Let me know.
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