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looking for bn plecos

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i have a albino bn female and looking for some friends for her.
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I would try your local fish society or aquabid. Where are you located? Bristlenose Pleco correct?
I am located in eastern colorado... No fish stores for 160 miles.
And yes bristlenose is what I am looking for
They are extremely common so almost any local fish store will more than likely have them.
Certainly anywhere that sells African Cichlids will as people often use them in cichlid tanks.
Ah ok, there is a guy i my local group that has breed a ton of them. Your too far away.:-(

I would ask a LFS to see if they will order larger ones for you.
Ya mine is in my cichlid tank and they ignore her. They didnt get along with my larger plecos so I gave both them to a friend. I rather like how small the bn's stay as rhey do a far better job keeping the tanks clean. Wal Mart in Colby Kansas used to have tons of albinos but didnt see them there afer some time... Its a sixty mile drive to Colby and the nearest wal mart is goodland at thirty miles. Denver is the closest City at 160 miles from here. I litteraly live in the middle of nowhere.
I've heard good things about this place and they stock a ton of different kinds of plecos.

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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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