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The last of my Community Fish has died of old age and as I do not want to go down the route of having a community tank again, I fancied a change.

As a result I wanted a fairly large Species of Fish. I do understand that I'm not going to fit something as big as an Oscar Cichlid or the likes in there, but something larger than 5-6 inches would be awesome, but I'm all out of ideas as to what fish could possibly fit into this category.

PH: 7.5. (Tested) Nutrafin Mini Master Liquid Test Kit. (Can drop depending on how many pieces of Driftwood I have in the Tank).

(Water Quality according to my Water Supplier):
Hardness Level Moderately Soft.
Hardness Clark 5.00
pH 7.65

Volume: approx. 240 Litres
Aquarium Measurements: 120L x 40W x 55H. (cm).

300W Heater.
Fluval 306 External Filter, but I will be purchasing a '1400 L/H + 9W UV External Filter.' At the end of the month.
2500L Aquarium wavemaker / powerhead. (Not always on, mainly use it in the Summer for extra surface agitation).
400L Eheim Air Pump. (Duel outlet)
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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