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The last of my Community Fish has died of old age and as I do not want to go down the route of having a community tank again, I fancied a change.

As a result I wanted a fairly large Species of Fish. I do understand that I'm not going to fit something as big as an Oscar Cichlid or the likes in there, but something larger than 5-6 inches would be awesome, but I'm all out of ideas as to what fish could possibly fit into this category.

PH: 7.5. (Tested) Nutrafin Mini Master Liquid Test Kit. (Can drop depending on how many pieces of Driftwood I have in the Tank).

(Water Quality according to my Water Supplier):
Hardness Level Moderately Soft.
Hardness Clark 5.00
pH 7.65

Volume: approx. 240 Litres
Aquarium Measurements: 120L x 40W x 55H. (cm).

300W Heater.
Fluval 306 External Filter, but I will be purchasing a '1400 L/H + 9W UV External Filter.' At the end of the month.
2500L Aquarium wavemaker / powerhead. (Not always on, mainly use it in the Summer for extra surface agitation).
400L Eheim Air Pump. (Duel outlet)

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I was going to suggest some Rainbow fish but they do best in hard/medium hard water. I've got 7 in my 75 gallon and they're beautiful.

Have you considered something lke the larger species of angelfish? There are some nice color varieties and they can certainly get large enough to satisfy your wish for bigger fish.

Scalare Angelfish (Pterophyllum scalare) Profile
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