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I recently added a large piece of live rock that had a deep hole in it (like a cave), and low & behold, what came out after a few days: a 5" blue spiny lobster! This thing looks awesome!

Talk about surprised (and a little worried) when I saw this guy when the lights came on in the morning.

I've read a bit about them, and it says they could injure my sessile inverts, and small fish. I hate to get rid of him, so I'm looking into setting up a smaller 20gal for him.

I saw him molest a hermit crab, but he gave up after half a minute. The hermit retreated deeper into his shell, and I guess the lobster couldn't get ahold of him. I'm making sure he has plenty to eat when he comes out at night in hopes of keeping him satisfied till his new accommodations are ready.

Any other suggestions?
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