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One thing to note: These livebearers can produce several batches of fry in a single mating(applies only to guppies, Endlers, mollies, platies and swordtails). It's best to leave nature to take its course as these fish are very prolific. Just provide more plants for the fry's sanctuary(if you want any to survive). Remember though that the more fry you have, the more problems you'll experienced due to added fish wastes caused by the fry.

(Thanks to Bri for the list of livebearers.)

Alfaro cultratus
Alfaro huberi
Alloheterandria caliensis
Alloheterandria nigroventralis

Belonesox belizanus (Pike Topminnow)
Brachyrhaphis cascajalensis
Brachyrhaphis episcopi
Brachyrhaphis hartwegi
Brachyrhaphis hessfeldi
Brachyrhaphis holdridgei
Brachyrhaphis olomina
Brachyrhaphis parismina
Brachyrhaphis punctifer
Brachyrhaphis rhabdophora
Brachyrhaphis roseni
Brachyrhaphis roswithae
Brachyrhaphis terrabensis

Carlhubbsia kidderi
Carlhubbsia stuarti (Barred livebearer)
Cnesterodon brevirostratus
Cnesterodon carnegiei
Cnesterodon decemmaculatus (Tenspotted livebearer)
Cnesterodon septentrionalis

Diphyacantha chocoensis
Diphyacantha darienensis

Gambusia affinis (Mosquitofish)
Gambusia alvarezi
Gambusia amistadensis (Amistad gambusia)
Gambusia atrora
Gambusia aurata
Gambusia beebei (Miragoane gambusia)
Gambusia clarkhubbsi
Gambusia dominicensis (Dominican gambusia)
Gambusia echeagarayi
Gambusia eurystoma
Gambusia gaigei (Big Bend gambusia)
Gambusia geiseri (Largespring gambusia)
Gambusia georgei (San Marcos Gambusia)
Gambusia heterochir (Clear Creek gambusia)
Gambusia hispaniolae (Hispaniolan gambusia)
Gambusia holbrooki (Eastern mosquitofish)
Gambusia hurtadoi
Gambusia krumholzi
Gambusia lemaitrei
Gambusia longispinis (Cuatrocienegas gambusia)
Gambusia luma (Sleek mosquitofish)
Gambusia marshi
Gambusia melapleura (Striped gambusia)
Gambusia myersi
Gambusia nicaraguensis (Nicaraguan mosquitofish)
Gambusia nobilis (Pecos gambusia)
Gambusia panuco
Gambusia pseudopunctata (Tiburon Peninsula gambusia)
Gambusia punctata (Cuban gambusia)
Gambusia puncticulata baracoana
Gambusia p. bucheri
Gambusia p. manni
Gambusia p monticola
Gambusia p. puncticulata (Caribbean gambusia)
Gambusia rachowi
Gambusia regani
Gambusia rhizophorae (Mangrove gambusia)
Gambusia senilis (Blotched gambusia)
Gambusia sexradiata (Teardrop mosquito)
Gambusia speciosa
Gambusia vittata
Gambusia wrayi (Wray's gambusia)
Gambusia xanthosoma (Cayman gambusia)
Gambusia yucatana
Girardinus creolus (Creole topminnow)
Girardinus cubensis (Cuban topminnow)
Girardinus denticulatus (Toothy topminnow)
Girardinus falcatus (Goldbelly topminnow)
Girardinus metallicus (Metallic livebearer)
Girardinus microdactylus (Smallfinger topminnow)
Girardinus uninotatus (Singlespot topminnow)

Heterandria anzuetoi
Heterandria attenuata
Heterandria bimaculata (Twospot livebearer)
Heterandria cataractae
Heterandria dirempta
Heterandria formosa (Least killifish)
Heterandria jonesii
Heterandria litoperas
Heterandria obliqua

Limia caymanensis (Grand Cayman limia)
Limia dominicensis (Tiburon Peninsula limia)
Limia fuscomaculata (Blotched limia)
Limia garnieri (Garnier's limia)
Limia grossidens (Largetooth limia)
Limia immaculata (Plain limia)
Limia melanogaster (Blackbelly limia)
Limia melanonotata (Blackbanded limia)
Limia miragoanensis (Miragoane limia)
Limia nigrofasciata (Blackbarred limia)
Limia ornata (Ornate limia)
Limia pauciradiata (Few-rayed limia)
Limia perugiae (Perugia's limia)
Limia rivasi (Rivas's limia)
Limia sp. "blue" (Blue limia)
Limia sulphurophilia (Sulfur limia)
Limia tridens
Limia versicolor (Varicolored limia)
Limia vittata (Cuban limia)
Limia yaguajali (Yaguajal limia)
Limia zonata (Striped limia)

Neoheterandria cana
Neoheterandria elegans
Neoheterandria tridentiger
Neoheterandria umbratilis

Pamphorichthys araguaiensis
Pamphorichthys hasemani
Pamphorichthys hollandi
Pamphorichthys minor (Mini-molly)
Pamphorichthys scalpridens
Phallichthys amates (Merry widow livebearer)
Phallichthys fairweatheri (Picotee livebearer)
Phallichthys pitteri (Orange Dorsal Widow)
Phallichthys quadripunctatus
Phallichthys tico
Phalloceros caudimaculatus (Dusky millions fish)
Phalloptychus eigenmanni
Phalloptychus januarius
Phallotorynus fasciolatus
Phallotorynus jacundus
Phallotorynus sp. "wickzeni"
Poecilia amazonica
Poecilia branneri
Poecilia butleri Pacific molly
Poecilia catemaconis (Catemaco molly)
Poecilia caucana
Poecilia caudofasciata
Poecilia chica (Dwarf molly)
Poecilia dauli
Poecilia elegans (Elegant molly)
Poecilia formosa (Amazon molly)
Poecilia gillii
Poecilia heterandria
Poecilia hispaniolana (Hispaniola molly)
Poecilia kykesis (Peten Sailfin molly)
Poecilia latipinna (Sailfin molly)
Poecilia latipunctata (Broadspotted molly)
Poecilia marcellinoi
Poecilia maylandi
Poecilia mexicana (Shortfin molly)
Poecilia minima
Poecilia nicholsi
Poecilia orri (Mangrove molly)
Poecilia parae
Poecilia picta (Swamp guppies)
Poecilia reticulata (Guppy)
Poecilia salvatoris
Poecilia sphenops (Molly)
Poecilia sp. "Endlers"
Poecilia sulphuraria
Poecilia teresae (Mountain molly)
Poecilia vandepolli
Poecilia velifera (Sailfin molly)
Poecilia vivipara
Poeciliopsis baenschi
Poeciliopsis balsas
Poeciliopsis catemaco
Poeciliopsis elongata (Elongate toothcarp)
Poeciliopsis fasciata
Poeciliopsis gracilis (Porthole livebearer)
Poeciliopsis hnilickai
Poeciliopsis infans
Poeciliopsis latidens
Poeciliopsis lucida
Poeciliopsis lutzi
Poeciliopsis monacha
Poeciliopsis occidentalis (Gila topminnow)
Poeciliopsis paucimaculata
Poeciliopsis presidionis
Poeciliopsis prolifica
Poeciliopsis retropinna
Poeciliopsis scarlli
Poeciliopsis turneri
Poeciliopsis turrubarensis
Poeciliopsis viriosa
Priapella bonita
Priapella compressa
Priapella intermedia
Priapella olmecae
Priapichthys annectens
Priapichthys fria
Priapichthys panamensis
Priapichthys puetzi
Pseudopoecilia austrocolumbiana
Pseudopoecilia festae

Quintana atrizona (Barred topminnow)

Scolichthys greenwayi
Scolichthys iota

Tomeurus gracilis

Xenodexia ctenolepis
Xiphophorus alvarezi
Xiphophorus andersi
Xiphophorus birchmanni
Xiphophorus clemenceiae (Yellow swordtail)
Xiphophorus continens
Xiphophorus cortezi
Xiphophorus couchianus (Monterrey platy)
Xiphophorus evelynae (Puebla platy)
Xiphophorus gordoni (Northern platy)
Xiphophorus helleri (Green swordtail)
Xiphophorus kallmani
Xiphophorus kosszanderi
Xiphophorus maculatus (Southern platy)
Xiphophorus malinche
Xiphophorus mayae
Xiphophorus meyeri
Xiphophorus milleri
Xiphophorus mixei
Xiphophorus montezumae (Montezuma swordtail)
Xiphophorus monticolus
Xiphophorus multilineatus
Xiphophorus nezahualcoyotl
Xiphophorus nigrensis
Xiphophorus pygmaeus (Pygmy swordtail)
Xiphophorus signum
Xiphophorus variatus (Variegated platy)
Xiphophorus xiphidium

Hemiramphidae - Halfbeaks
Dermogenys bispina
Dermogenys brachynotopterus
Dermogenys bruneiensis
Dermogenys collettei
Dermogenys montana
Dermogenys orientalis
Dermogenys palawanensis
Dermogenys pusilla Wrestling halfbeak
Dermogenys robertsi
Dermogenys siamensis
Dermogenys sumatrana
Dermogenys vogti
Hemiramphus archipelagicus Jumping halfbeak
Hemiramphus balao Balao halfbeak
Hemiramphus bermudensis Bermuda halfbeak
Hemiramphus brasiliensis Ballyhoo
Hemiramphus depauperatus Tropical halfbeak fish
Hemiramphus far Blackbarred halfbeak
Hemiramphus lutkei Lutke's halfbeak
Hemiramphus marginatus Yellowtip halfbeak
Hemiramphus robustus Three-by-two garfish
Hemiramphus saltator Longfin halfbeak
Nomorhamphus australis
Nomorhamphus brembachi
Nomorhamphus celebensis Poso halfbeak
Nomorhamphus ebrardtii Red fin halfbeak
Nomorhamphus hageni
Nomorhamphus kolonodalensis
Nomorhamphus liemi
Nomorhamphus manifesta
Nomorhamphus megarrhamphus
Nomorhamphus pectoralis
Nomorhamphus philippina
Nomorhamphus pinnimaculata
Nomorhamphus ravnaki
Nomorhamphus rossi
Nomorhamphus sanussii
Nomorhamphus towoetii Black halfbeak
Nomorhamphus vivipara
Nomorhamphus weberi
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