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For my second post:

'ello. My name's Jordan (one of those girls with a cool guy name), and I'm a 20 year old college student majoring in English at UNL (Nebraska). My family always had fish and schnauzers when I was growing up, and I dreadfully missed both when I moved out on my own. The landlady wouldn't allow dogs, so I got a cat... it plays fetch though, so I guess it's close enough. He was free and sweet, so my boyfriend and I took him in as a kitten.

Even though Sebastain fetches, he's more Charlie's than mine... and maybe I'm crazy, but living in the room closest to all the fishies for 10 years kind of makes it hard to sleep WITHOUT the bubble noise?!?! So I got fish... 12 hours ago. Since I've been around them my whole life I have a general idea of what to do, but all this chemical testing you guys are talking about blows my mind. Er... what? That's okay. I'll catch on. For now I'm just goint to sit back and watch the cat bond with the fish (with glass between of course). So far, the cat seems to like to lay on the table in front of the tank watching the fish, the fish like to watch the cat from their home, and Charlie and I like to watch the whole thing from the couch in the next room. Everyone wins, especially my new guppies and mollies (I hope).
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