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Im a jeweller, I now work for myself and have a nice standard of living..... I was a chef and did catastrophic hours..... and do you have any idea how BAD TV is at 2am in the morning??????

That my dear friends is why I started keeping fish ...again!

I actually started at the ripe old age of ..... well probably around 8 or so when we went to the seaside in NZ and bought home various fish which we knew virtually bugger all about. I have to confess it was something of a shock admittedly when a friend of mine and I went down to the rock pools in Paramata, near Wellington in New Zealand..... and bought home a baby shark!!!!!!! But that is where my love of all things aquatic began.... looking out over the Tasmin Sea, with Mana Island in the middle of an often tumultous sea.

Anyways .... Friends, I want to begin to tell you the story of "Lawrence, Mr Humphries and a brave brave new world".... I must advise you that if you are looking for a story with the classic, beginning, middle and end.... you will be disappointed you see I'm kinda hoping there will be no end!!!!! To clarify... this is the story of a 55 Gallon.208 Liter freshwater aquarium, its inhabitants and to some extent its owner!

If this prologue has not dissuaded you from reading on .... Lets get started!!!!.....

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I can relate....I was a chef in a distant past life, working nights, weekends and all holidays...but nowadays we have DVR!!!
I didn't go down to the sea in my youth. For me it was creek walking catching minnows and crabs and then there was my painted turtle that lived in a washtub out back under the pine tree.
My tropical period began in my teens and I had 8 tanks at one time long ago (early 70's).

I'll look forward to your story. :)

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Chapter 1
"In which Lawrence decides that the decor is not to his liking."

Well now if we are all sat quietly and comfortably my friends we can begin...

Lawrence awoke with the usual stupor of a man whos' day was going to be much the same as any other, sun rising and beginning to seep in through the living room window, even though todays' weather was seasonally dull and dreary.
As a member of the Geophagus family Lawrence was quite used to being called an "Earth-eater"... so it was no great surprise to anyone that when Lawrence decided to re decorate his surroundings, he decided to do so by digging a couple of thumping great holes!


The objections that Lawrence had to the state of affairs in his surroundings are really anybodies business but one thing that had to be said... on this occasion, his efforts did reward him with some tasty morsels from the gravel and sand he decided to move!

During this entire exercise Mr Grainger, a Bolivian Ram, simply watched with the bewilderment of a man who sees a hand of god working over his entire life for no good reason!

Mr Grainger

However dear friends I'm certain that Lawrence had decided to give the place a face lift to prepare fro the coming of Mr Humphries... a Yellow Ram whos' colour might have clashed if the place was not put to rights!

= = =
Something was afoot!!! One might be forgiven for being slightly surprised by this sudden turn of events but all will become clear... Lawrence was on his second pit of the day when the first meal of the day arrived. He remembers feeling somewhat disgruntled that the preferred food for the day had been changed to a floating pellet, seemingly this meant an extra effort for him to go and get the breakfast which normally seemed to simply drop like manna from the gods... yet somehow despite the extra effort he was drawn inexorably to the surface to claim what he saw as his god given right.
It was only at this time that Lawrence became aware of the absence of Madame Lifalilli... A woman who is normally hard to miss given that she is one of the most Exuberant and outrageously dressed characters in the entire neighborhood. With outrageous scarlet red attire which is only broken up with iridescent sky blue speckles, Lawrence thought on numerous occassions that she must be the worst possible bed mate to wake up to in the morning.... Although that is not quite true because Monsieur Lifalilli sports equally bombastic livery!!!!!!

It was with some considerable investigation that the reason for Madame Lifalillis absence became clear..... yet again for the umpteenth time this year, she was to become a mother. Monsieur Lifalilli was around and about and given thet he had put on his best and brightest top hat and tails, was looking exceptionally proud of himself!!!!!
But more about the Lifalillis later.... during all of this morning tumult Mr Chavez, a rather large Hybrid angel of mixed descent, from somewhere in South America ... was trying to stay out of ever bodies way... especially given that after breakfast Lawrence wen about his redecorating business with renewed vigor and gusto!

What would become?..... what would become?


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The Jewels are at it again, I see. Lovely, just wonderful to hear. . . Glad that my lil' Bolivians are not nearly as good as your larger Cichlids at tearing the tank apart - they cause enough damage on their own.

I'm still trying to figure out how I can get over there to steal your little ram. . . ;)

Stories are the best :) Keep posting!

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Chapter 2 "In which the Belgians deliver a little surprise.... or two.... hundred!"

A much brighter day woke the neighbourhood this morning, so much so that by the time Lawrence saw in any sign of life in the "outside world" the sun was literally streaming in through the windows on a wonderfully bright sunny day! Lawrence surveyed his work of the previous day and thought to himself..... hmmm, that was fun.... though.... I'm not sure what I did it for in the end! Then with great joy he remembered the arrival of Mr Humphries and set out to find him and "welcome " him to the neighbourhood.

With a huge degree of delight Lawrence found Mr Humphries who had already busied himself for the day amongst the undergrowth. Mr Humphries has a big personality and is a wonderfully rich golden colour.... by now the inevitable stress of moving house had subsided and he was able to breath a sigh of relief... it was all over and the neighbours seemed to be quite pleasant!
Now, about this time both the new friends .... and pretty much everyone else in the neighbourhood... heard a commotion from the rockery area.... Lawrence knew from experience who might be behind this and also knew why!

Monsieur and Madame Lifalilli had a clutch of eggs, which had been Laid in the very early hours of the morning, and had now set about the task of diligently guarding them with their LIVES!!!!!! Now it has to be said that the Belgian family, from the Congo, were exceptionally good parents, and it was with a mixture of amazement and admiration that, In the past, Lawrence had watched as they herded their offspring around, almost as if to parade them to the neighbourhood. Monsieur Lifalilli had become a past master at the art of watching for his fry straying from the "accepted group" and then taking the miscreant into his mouth and rather unceremoniously regurgitating him or her back into the group! In fact both parents were more than adept at this feat and Lawrence was sure that the spectacle would be seen again in the near future.

Lawrence turned to Mr Humphries and was asking if he wanted a tour of the neighbourhood and they happily set off to explore and trail-blaze the locale.


Far above the action below there were seven "Graces", who constantly look down upon the neighbourhood and simply observe..... and on this day, with sun streaming in though the window..... They were evidently wonderfully happy with what they saw... The males had donned an emerald green livery which seemed to shine with the brilliance of the jungles of Sri Lanka from where they came.

However in the world above not everything was such peace and serenity on this fine morning.... A Caribbean couple had spotted the situation below and were somewhat less than impressed! The last time this had happened it had been made perfectly plain to they both that they were to say away from the vicinity.... and they had take in very personally!!!!!! To be fair though the same had been said to all and it was a generally accepted thing that, unless invited to do so, one didn't approach the scarlet family Lifalilli while the children were around.
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