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Krylon Fusion Spray Paint

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So, I am almost done stripping my tank and I would like to paint the stand and trim while I am at it. The trim is brown faux wood grain and I really don't like it, especially because I'll be painting the back black and I'm OCD when it comes to black and brown.

Will Krylon Fusion Spray Paint hurt anything if used on the trim? There's the possibility of water touching the trim and going back into the tank is why I'm concerned. I can't foresee too many issues but I wanted other opinions.
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I believe it's safe for use inside the aquarium. Don't quote me
once the paint is cured,it will be fine.
I clicked on a few of the similar threads and it looks like the verdict is that it's safe fully submerged so I don't think painting the trim will be a huge issue. Going open-top (which I may have to re-think with mystery snails....) I just don't want to look at that nasty brown. My 75 is weird and doesn't have a top brace, I think it's older so the glass is thicker from what I've been reading.
Yeah, I've seen a lot pf people use it underwater just fine. I used it to paint the inside of a kiddie pool I set up last year, I just let it sit a few days and it was fine. So you should be good!
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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