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Hey All,

I just got back from the Kodama Koi Farm Koi Expo in Honolulu! It was an amazing trip! I got to hang out with Momuro Kodama, Taro Kodama, some assorted Koi Fanatics, including the V.P. of the San Diego Koi Society and connected with some of my great friends that are in the pond business, Kenny Floyd of Aquatic Construction and John Russell of Russell Watergardens.

I have at least three of four articles that are floating around in my head not including the ten full pages of detailed notes I wrote on this action packed trip! I took along a my pro photographer and we blasted at least 700 pictures, including seven panorama photographs of the Kodama Koi Farm for our website, as well as detailed shots of the filtration systems and plumbing schematics of the rearing ponds, quarantine ponds and shipping station!

I took a 2 hour Nishikigoi Assessment course with Momuro Kodama himself, translated by his son, Taro Kodama. The Nishikigoi Assesment was deticated to the Kohaku Koi and was one of the most interesting and enlightening seminars that I have ever attended!

It was seriously a trip that will never be forgotten! We got an informal, yet very promising invitation to Nigata Japan, for next year. Nigata Japan is not only where Koi originated, but is considered to be the location of where the finest Koi in the world have been produced for 200 years!

We are working feverishly to get the written details and photographs of the trip organized for publication(s), websites and press releases, so hold your breath, I will have updates on the Kodama Koi Farm trip for everyone very soon.

Life is good!
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