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Is it possible to keep Kissing Gourami's in a planted Aquarium?
It says in the Fish Profile that they eat vegetation, but was wondering if anyone had experienced keeping them in a planted aquarium.

I have Giant Val, a Pogostemon Erectus Type plant, and also some type of Cabomba.
I also have Weeping Moss, Moss Balls, and Amazon Frogbit too.

I intend to keep my Kissing Gourami in a separate Tank on their own and wish to plant it with plants from my other tank (I have the aforementioned plants in the majority of my tanks)

I've also recently placed said plants into a Tank with a Rainbow Shark, and another tank with Clown Loach & Denisons Barbs, and both Tanks also have a type of Striped Pleco in them too. I also have 5 Opaline Gourami's in with the Rainbow Shark.

I've only bought the plants recently and I was wondering if any mentioned fish would eat the plants.

(I have noticed that my Giant Vallisneria has broken slightly and small parts are now floating on the surface, and Im not entirely sure if it is due to my fish, or if it is because of the condition of the plants).

Do any of my fish hold a risk of demolishing my plants?
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