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Killifish for sale

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I have a trio(1M/2F) of Fundulopanchax Gardneri killifish. These are still pretty young and are only around 2in right now. I do not know which "type" of Gardneri they are as they were purchased from my LFS and he has no idea. I am just listing these as "aquarium strain" since I have no catch info or species type. I am asking $15 for the trio. They are eating very well on white worms, grindal worms, golden pearls, frozen brine shrimp, frozen baby brine shrimp, and some tropical livebearer mix that was fed to the molly that is residing in the same tank presently.

I also have a pair of Aphyosemion Australe Orange killifish. This pair is about spawning age and I believe I might have witnessed them spawning one time already although I do not have a spawning mop in there to catch the eggs. This pair is very brightly colored and around 2 in or so long. Eating the same things as the Gardneri killifish listed above (they currently share the same tank). I am asking $15 for the pair.

Shipping is your choice of priority($10) or express($35) through USPS.

I have both sets of killifish in a 10 gallon tank with a sponge filter, big pebbles as substrate, and lots of live plants.
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Hmmm. I really want those fundulopanchax gardneri. I'm getting a ten gallon tank on the 20th though, and then it has to cycle. So that'll take like forever. Do these fish do well with shrimp?
Sorry I didn't see your response earlier. LOL I wouldn't put these with shrimp as they will eat them. I kept them with some of my shrimp for a while when I was fixing their tank up and they ate alot of the smaller ones in that short amount of time. I guess in a big enough tank with lots of cover and a good size population of shrimp it might work though.
Updating the thread. These guys have all found a new home! Thanks!! :D
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