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Keeping oscars ?

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have the option of getting a 120 gallon tank with 3 oscars (9", 4", 4")

i know almost nothing about these fish, and absolutly wrong reason for getting fish (they come with a free tank)

but in the hopes of wanting the tank i need to do some research on oscars to see what i can do to give them a happy life.

and i've a ton of questions:
-i hear, what sounds like, they eat & poop like goldfish (eating pooping machine)
is this true ?

for tank sizes, i'm wondering what they are talking about
refering to adults ?
at what size of fish is what size of tank recommended ?

the one oscar that is larger is throwing me off as well :(


how about lights ?
water parameters ?

yes looking things up as much as i can, seeing what i can work with and get away with & if i can make it work or not

instant answers are always appreciated :)
and answer to the questions i didn't even think about are even better :)
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I would be concerned about the sizes of the fish. 120 gallons is only appropriate for two adult oscars. Minimum tank size for one is 75 gallons. They are fish with a very heavy bioload, compatible to goldfish. I would consider rehoming them if you aren't really interested in them but the tank. They are long lived fish. The tolerate a wide range of parameters, however.
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